I am passionate about empowering fellow veterinary nurses to have their own business that has the ability to support them financially and emotionally.

We all started in this industry because we love working with animals. But we all know how stressful this career can be.

Barking Mad Fitness brings but the joy of working with dogs and their people. You can choose to do this as a casual side hustle to continue working in your clinic, or grow your business to be a full time gig. Either way it will be profitable and fun.
Barking Mad Fitness is Australia’s first and only outdoor fitness program where dogs and their owners exercise and bond together under the guidance of a qualified personal trainer and a veterinary nurse.

We all know that being a vet nurse is one of the best jobs in the world. We all started in this industry because we love working with animals but we all know how stressful this career can be. Vet nursing is physically demanding and emotionally draining. We get attached to our patients and seeing them in pain is always sad and uncomfortable.

Having a career as a vet nurse will guarantee that you will see a lot of animals suffering, and you will break your back trying to solve every problem. You lift, wrestle, get bitten, and you’re on your feet for the whole shift (except when cleaning kennels, then you’re scrubbing on your knees).

As for financial gains, you get paid a lot in puppy cuddles but you know that your dream about owning your private island is just that, a dream. Vet nurses are notoriously underpaid and overworked. The industry is well-known for high staff turnover and burnout. Yet, you’re doing it because you love that you’re truly making a difference.

So, what if I told you there is another way? That you can still keep working in the job you love but now you can secure your income, and most importantly, you can bring back the FUN into your job.


As a Barking Mad Fitness Licensee you’re helping dogs and their people connect through fun, fitness and education.

The Barking Mad Fitness Program is fun but it also gets results. Clients connect better with their dogs, the dogs are much happier and engaged. Both are gaining health benefits, and most importantly you’re back having fun working with dogs.

It is the first outdoor exercise program in Australia where vet nurses are part of the workout routine. While a qualified personal trainer is there to take care of the humans, your job is to observe the attending and exercising dogs. You’re there to provide advice on the recommended level and type of activity to specific breeds to maximise the benefits of the workout without overwhelming the furry participants. Truly, the general health advice that you, as a vet nurse, can provide is invaluable.

Classes are limited to just 15 people and their dogs (one owner and one dog). You can choose your own outdoor location and times (check with the local authorities), so your flexibility is guaranteed. We supply you with all the exercise equipment you need for each class, and all the programs that are inclusive of all ages and fitness levels.

All you need is to be qualified as a Veterinary Nurse or hold a Certificate 2 in Animal Studies with a minimum of one year working in a vet clinic. You must have knowledge on diet and nutrition as well as dog breed related exercise concerns or restrictions.
Our program is unique because you’re in charge, it’s your business and your chance to earn money. You’ll be surprised by just how much you’ll love going to work again.

Why is Barking Mad Fitness so successful? Well, that’s easy, everyone is time poor. We all know the importance of exercise for our health and well being, and deep down we know our dogs need it to. But let’s be honest, most people struggle to take their dogs for their daily walk. It’s usually rushed and can sometimes feel like a chore, or we’re so time poor it’s an inconvenience.

That’s where the Barking Mad Fitness Program will help. Our exercise programs are designed to give the clients a professional workout session while incorporating their dogs’ exercising requirements. This is a fun solution to their problem.

Barking Mad Fitness brings back the joy of working with dogs and their people. You can choose to do this as a casual side hustle to continue working in your clinic, or grow your business to be a full time gig. Either way it will be profitable and fun.


The Barking Mad Fitness manual which has all the information you need to start running your first class. This includes choosing your location, starting your business, equipment required, choosing a subcontractor, sample classes, first aid, and how to teach a class
All the equipment to run a class
All legal documents including waivers, client questionnaires, subcontractor agreements, and medical forms
One set of branded uniforms for yourself and your fitness trainer
Animal first aid manual
Marketing support including templates for business cards letter heads and website


All you need is to obtain your own business name and ABN. You will be trading as Barking Mad Fitness
You will need your own insurance and ensure your fitness trainer has theirs.
You will need a bank account for your clients to pay into
You will need to source your location and choose your fitness trainer then start marketing and advertising to get clients
After the initial licensee fee there will be an annual fee to cover the use of trademark and website. This fee also includes monthly licensee meetings and ongoing support. It’s that easy!!

What are you waiting for? Contact us now for any further information


We are happy to answer your questions about BMF licensee opportunities.
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