What do Facebook and walking your dog do have to do with each other

We all know the drill we take our dog for his daily walk but all he wants to do is stop and sniff everything. It can get annoying as we’re on limited time and he needs his exercise right? 

Well maybe there’s a better way to look at it.

Dogs noses are very sensitive and are at least 1000 times more sensitive than ours. And the part of a dogs brain that is devoted to analysing smells is about 40 times greater than ours.It really is their superpower. 

When your dogs stops to smell a post or tree it is smelling the dogs that were there before him. He can tell if they’re male or female, desexed or not, their age and when they were there. 

As I mentioned in the title it’s just like us flicking through Facebook and knowing where our friends have been and what they’re up to.

Sniffing each others butts is in fact a way of greeting each other it also gives all the above information and can even tell them what the dog ate as his last meal. Sounds gross I know but way faster than shaking hands and asking what you’ve been up to. 

Dogs also may sniff the ground to let another dog know that they are not a threat. Sniffing the ground or the air gives them so much information which is really enriching and fun for your dog. So next time when you take your dog for a walk don’t be in a hurry to get to your destination as quick as possible. Trying slowing down and allow your dog to take the lead with where he wants to go. You may find it’s relaxing for you too. 

If you think about it our dogs don’t get a lot of choice in their day. We decide what food they’ll eat and even when they’ll get fed. We choose when they can go out for their walk and where they can go. Maybe it’s the park or the beach and all choices are great but wouldn’t it be nice if we could just let our dogs have some choices. Letting them choose what speed to walk at and when they want to stop and smell things is such a bonus for them. They’ll enjoy their walk so much more and will help strengthen the bond between you both. 

Try it next time and see how your dog responds. This may be a new experience for him so don’t be surprised if he looks confused. Just keep doing this on all his walks and he’ll adjust quickly and be a much happier pooch. 

Happy trails

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