Created by Veterinary Nurse, Vicki Brown, Barking Mad Fitness is the ideal way for you and your pet dog to get fit together in a fun and friendly environment. This is an Australian first program which enables you and your dog to exercise outdoors together under the guidance of a qualified personal trainer and a veterinary nurse. It’s the perfect way to develop a stronger bond between you and your furry friend while also improving your collective physical fitness levels but learn a whole new way to interact with your dog with tips and advice for any issues you may be having.

Regardless of your age or your fitness levels, we will have a program for you, best of all, you’ll laugh a lot and meet some great new four and two legged friends along with way.

Classes are limited to just 15 people and their dog for each 45 minute session. Please note, one dog per person, per session only.


Founder and Director Barking Mad Fitness
The idea of working out with your dog was created by Vicki Brown, a qualified veterinary nurse, zookeeper and mental health first aid officer.

She has been a veterinary nurse for over twenty five years and worked as a seal trainer and education officer for Sea Life Sunshine Coast. Vicki is passionate about behavioural enrichment for for all animals in care, and for their mental health and well being. After all, they definitely help with our state of mind.

Vicki particularly loves the bond between dogs and their people and loves working with you to find new and exciting ways to improve on your relationship. There is nothing better than seeing a well loved dog listening, interacting and having fun with their human.


Barking Mad Fitness is a great way to get in shape while exercising alongside your four legged family member at the same time. We value the bond between dogs and their people as well as the importance of fun, fitness and education.”
Founder and Director Barking Mad Fitness.

Benefits for your dog

Increased Health and Fitness
Alleviate stress and anxiety
Improved Relationship to Owner
Specific Nutritional Advice
Breed specific exercise advice
Updates with any local pet related issues like tick season or other health related issues

Benefits for you

Increased Health and Fitness
Improved relationship with your dog
Help with your diet or nutritional questions
Help with any injury issues
Help you star on track with your goals
Meet new like minded friends


Before starting a fitness class with Barking Mad Fitness please ensure all questionnaires and waivers are signed. These are to ensure the health and well-being of you and your dog.

Please ensure you have a hands free lead, a yoga mat or towel and water for you both.

All classes are for one person and one dog.
Ensure you are in control of your dog at all times and they must be dog and people friendly.


Our unique training program will show you a whole new way to interact with your dog and give you tips and advice for any issues you may be having with your pet dog.

Best of all you will laugh and learn while forging a stronger bond between you and your dog.

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licensee opportunities
Are you a veterinary nurse or a personal trainer looking to establish your own business with all the training manuals and resources to support you along the way? We currently have Barking Mad Fitness licence opportunities available Australia wide, for more information please contact us.
98 Alexandra Pde, Alexandra Headland, QLD 4572
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